Active ingredients

this is a polysaccharide of natural original. Hydrated in water, it allows obtaining a gel with an excellent filming effect, as well moisturizing and emollient and with a tensor effect.

its composition is similar to that of cocoa butter, but it has a high melting point. Thanks to its composition in fatty acids (palmitic , stearic, oleic, linoleic, arachidonic acid) it prevents skin dryness and is a long-lasting moisturizer which reduces the degeneration of the skin’s cells and restores elasticity and flexibility. It combines moisturizing and nourishing properties on the hair fibres.

obtained naturally enzymatically with a minimum environmental impact, highly compatible with the skin and suitable for the most sensitive skins. They give a soft and silky touch and leave skin soft and smooth. They also have excellent cleansing properties, removing make-up and skin sebum, leaving skin soft and moisturized.

lipophilic in nature, it is similar to the cellular membranes, where it can efficiently fight excess ROS (free radicals), protecting skin from the damage that causes early ageing. It also has moisturizing and soothing properties.

an oil of natural origin, a sensory alternative to mineral oils. An emollient with special characteristics with a «domino» effect by improving the uniform sensation of smoothness on the skin.

antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.

a completely natural emulsifier, it forms lamellar structures which, similar to the structure of the skin, help transport the nourishing substances into the dermis.

with extra-nourishing action and a very high unsaponifiable content (9-13%), it has calming, emollient, elasticizing and re-epithelizing properties and it is very effective in preventing redness and chapping from the cold and pollution. It is excellent for repairing dry and irritated skins, it repairs and softens the skin, effectively fights dryness and callosities of the hands, elbows and feet and is excellent for strengthening fragile nails. In hair and scalp care, shea butter helps moisturize dry hair, from the roots to the ends, improves the state of the hair and makes it shine. Rich in Vitamins A, E and F, shea butter repairs damaged and fragile hair and prevents the onset of split ends.

silky and very soft to the touch, this natural emollient can form a lipid film which reduces the loss of water from the stratum corneum. It also offers precious moisturizing, lubricating, protective, conditioning and softening properties.

a purified plant oil, with an extra-nourishing and protective action it is rich in oleic and linoleic acids. Oleic acid, omega-9, is a component of the epidermal barrier, this barrier prevents the penetration of allergens, important for subjects characterized by dry and sensitive skin and with atopical dermatitis. Linoleic acid, omega-6, is an essential acid (i.E. It cannot be synthesized by our organism and has to be taken with the diet), which shows anti-inflammatory activity.

natural microgranules obtained from grinding the stonesof Mediterranean olives. The characteristics of flexibility of the cellulose of the stones make these granules “modulable”, adapting to use as both an intense scrub and a gentle peeling.

a conditioning and emollient agent based on natural and biodegradable agents. It contains lecithin, which, on the skin, has good moisturizing properties, reduces peeling and helps restore skin suppleness. On hair it has a protective and anti-breakage action, reduces split ends and leaves hair softer and easy to comb. It also has a volume boosting action on fine and brittle hair.

thanks to its great hygroscopic capacity, it has a protective action on the skin’s water capital, ensuring an excellent moisturizing and plasticizing activity of the skin

obtained from renewable raw materials of plant origin. Their structure makes them particularly gentle on the skin, respecting its physiological natural defences and helping to prevent irritation of the skin and mucuses. Respectful of the environment and with excellent skin compatibility, they create a perfect synergy of gentleness, foaming power and effective cleansing.

a skin-like raw material, naturally present in human skin, it reintegrates and protects the physiological lipid layer of the skin, avoiding dehydration and dryness of the skin

obtained from renewable raw materials of plant origin. Respectful of the environment and with excellent skin compatibility, they create a perfect synergy of gentleness, foaming power and effective cleaning.

a natural sebum-balancing agent, perfect for daily cleansing of the skin including the most delicate ones, of men’s skin which is often thicker and more impure, a real regulator for oily skin, skin with acne or with eczema and psoriasis. Thanks to its absorbent power, it acts as a natural sponge which purifies the skin, freeing the pores in depth of toxins, pollution and fine dusts. It also has a bactericide action.

derived from fermentation, with a great capacity to bind water and moisturize the skin. It also stimulates the formation of a protective film on the skin and leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness.

a natural viscosizing substance and moisturizing and lipid-enriching active ingredient. It is mild, gives the formula pleasant moisturizing sensory properties and makes the foam soft and compact.

derived from rice flour, it has excellent soothing and re-epithelizing properties. It is soothing, refreshing, calming and anti-irritation. A powerful antiinflammatory, it is useful for calming irritation and redness, even on sensitive skins.

this is extracted from the leaves and branches of Euphorbia cerifera: this plant has a natural wax covering, which protects it against the loss of water. It is rich in fatty acids and has nourishing and protective properties. It gives shine to hair and makes it easy to comb.