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Body Nourish Butter

CHF 29.90

A very rich melting butter, full-bodied and satisfying to the touch, it is quickly absorbed, is not greasy and nourishes in depth. The innovative texture forms a filming mesh over the surface of the skin for an immediate sensation of smooth firmness and long-lasting extreme protection. This mesh with a lamellar structure protects the skin and “isolates” it from external aggression, as it contributes to keeping the physiological hydrolipid layer of the skin in optimal conditions.

DIRECTIONS: apply generously all over the body, massaging until completely absorbed. 

PACKAGING: 150 g, flat

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Cleansing milk

CHF 21.80

A creamy and rich cleansing milk, formulated to cleanse gently and remove even resistant make-up, without drying or stressing the skin. Massaged on to the skin, it becomes a full-bodied skin-friendly cream which removes all impurities even in depth. The mild structure of the formula makes it suitable even for the most fragile and sensitive skins.

DIRECTIONS: Apply on the dry skin of the face and neck and massage gently with circular movements. Rinse off with warm water. Complete treatment with the toner or 24H E-Nourishing  cream.

PACKAGING: 150 g, white bottle with pump

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B-Face Scrub

CHF 26.50

An innovative product which combines the gentleness of a gommage with the exfoliating action of a peeling. It can be used both dry, for an energetic scrubbing action, or wet, as a softer and gentler peeling. The microparticles of Olive stone, with modular particle sizes, help eliminate dead cells and smooth the areas with the thickest skin, like the elbows and heels, giving new radiance and a velvety appearance to the skin. The rich and melting cream base leaves skin soft and silky, nourishing it in depth.

It can be used as:

• an exfoliating cream for face and body

• a scrub treatment for dry and/or hard elbows and heels.

DIRECTIONS: As an exfoliating cream for the face and body and as a scrub treatment for elbows and heels: if used on dry skin, apply to face and body with a light circular massage. The particles will remain on the surface of the skin and can be removed simply by rubbing with the hands or a soft cloth. If used on wet skin, massage evenly and then rinse off and apply 24H E-Nourishing or 24H Face Tensor Regeneration cream.

PACKAGING: 50 g, flat

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